1. August 3, 2015

      Android Stagefright: Exchange PowerShell Snippets

      So, this Stagefright thing sounds bad. We’ll obviously know more later this week about how bad it is.

      If you’re a BYOD happy organisation, right now you need to know how your organisation will be affected; how many Androids do you have, what versions, etc, and then what steps you’ll need to take to remotely wipe/quarantine/block devices. And you don’t want to be spending all night doing it.

      PowerShell to the rescue!

      Note: I’ll be updating this post over the next few days – happy to take suggestions in the comments

      First, create an export directory, and assign Full Control permissions to the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group – I’ve used D:\ExchangeExport in these examples.

      Next, get a list of all your Android devices:

      Get-MobileDevice |
        where {$_.DeviceOs -like "*Android*" -or $_.DeviceOs -match ""} |
        Export-Csv -path D:\ExchangeExport\android.csv

      Some devices don’t provide a DeviceOs, and devices that have been migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2013 seem to sometimes have an empty DeviceOs string, so you’ll have to manually filter these.

      Next, get their last sync time (to determine devices which haven’t been seen in a while) with:

      Get-MobileDevice |
        where {$_.DeviceOs -like "*Android*" -or $_.DeviceOs -match ""} |
        foreach { Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Identity $_.Identity } |
        Export-Csv -path D:\ExchangeExport\android-stats.csv

    2. June 7, 2010

      Signs of life

      Ya, it’s been a while since adding content to this site, I know. It’s on the todo list.

      While helping my lovely wife and my grandfather-in-law get their blogs online, I realised I’ve mostly neglected mine. It’s not because I don’t love you, sweet internets, but because I’ve found that the free time I once had for ranting online has almost vanished. It’s honours project time, my final year of uni, my victory lap. Although I don’t have exams, it feels like I’m being tested every day. It feels like it’s no longer fun whimsical nonsense, at uni and at work. And as much as I thought it never would, I want it to be over quickly.

      I gave up writing for Nexus; not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I felt my writing was getting to the stage of interestingness. Throughout all the articles of The Nerdery, you’ll notice a certain “shit, gotta get this done before Monday” feel to them. They were forced. And then, something happened at the start of the year; I felt like I had something to say. I felt like I had to educate the masses. Unfortunately, this came at a time where the new editor felt that Nexus had evolved too much over Josh’s tenure, and decided to take it back a notch. I felt like I no longer belonged.

      It’s the sort of feeling I’m starting to find from places where I thought I had permanent membership.

      Anywho, that’s enough emo for one night.

    3. September 11, 2009

      Spam for Coffee…

      So, me and Bev like coffee. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. We also like sleep, and so our coffee time in the morning often results in getting 2 to go. Which is fine, because BP’s Wild Bean coffee is actually pretty good, and as we have travel mugs, quite reasonably priced.

      We collect the free coffee cards, and enjoy it. Except this morning, we notice that they’re phasing out the paper system in favor for a keyfob barcode. It’s ok though, if you register your keyfob online, you still get 6 for the price of 5, contradictory to the way Subway did it when they introduced their Subcard, when Subway sneakily increased the cost of a free lunch.

      But the BP offer isn’t without a catch. To get the 6 for the price of 5 deal, you have to not only give them your email address, but also opt-in to their… well, it doesn’t actually say what I’m opting-into. For all I know I’m opting into daily advertising, or perhaps a free coffee on my birthday, or perhaps they’ll forget about it entirely and we’ll all just go about our days.

      Will people accept Spam for slightly cheaper Coffee? It’s an interesting concept, I wonder how effective it will be…

    4. September 10, 2009

      ACM Code Poetry + Pizza Night…

      … has been postponed.

      However, do not loose faith, it is happening. Unfortunately we just couldn’t do it in the first week back.

      Watch this space!

    5. August 23, 2009

      jlaundry.com 6.0!

      Oops, I did it again.

      So, I bought an iThing 3GS. I went app crazy, and found out about the WordPress app. I realised I hadnt posted to my blog in months, mostly because theres too much work involved in posting. So, I decided it was time for a freshup.

      So, bye bye custom CodeIgniter blog engine, hello (again) WordPress (and all the other social media integrations I have to integrate).

    6. January 26, 2009

      Now a Red Hat Certified Engineer!

      So I was in Melbourne last week (I was going to blog about it, I swear) doing the RH300 rapid track course. I learnt a lot, especially to do with troubleshooting. The instructor, Rohan Sathe, was excellent. And now, I’m a Red Hat Certified Engineer!

      I strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to take the exam; there are things in the exam that you simply won’t have experienced. If you do the course, provided you pay attention and complete all the lab work, there should be no reason why you can’t pass the exam. Which is important, if your employer is paying a lot of money to fly you from New Zealand to Australia, and repeating the journey might take a bit of convincing.

      Just on a side note, when did the Australian government start requiring ID to purchase prepaid SIM cards? The form I had to sign appeared more concerned with how many prepaid services I already had, and not at all with the actual phone number (I could have missed something though).

    7. December 11, 2008

      Australia: Day 7

      Ok, so given as how I haven’t actually posted these as of writing, I don’t think anyone can blame me for skipping out a few days, yes?

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Australians, at least [Melbourneites,Melbourneians]? are the worst drivers in the world. They drive recklessly and never slow down, I swear most would rather crash then give you a break. I compare them to driving in Auckland, which is reality is pseudo-chaotic. Everyone thinks it’s this giant disorganised mess, but in reality, if you have confidence driving you’ll love Auckland drivers. They will hold up 3 lanes of rush-hour traffic just to let you turn right down a small side street! In can even compare them to Seoul drivers, who are far more reckless, but everyone will let everyone in and will slow down when necessary.

      Rant out of the way, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought an Elgato eyeTV DTT. After purchasing it I immediately tried it out in the car, and it picked up SBS no problem. However, reception in the suburb I’m staying in is very poor; at most I’ve been able to get 40% signal strength with a proper UHF antenna, although the small one that comes with it isn’t far off. Once back in NZ, I plan to get myself a Mac Mini (preferably a used one off TradeMe) and set up a recording system / file share / backup server.

      On a final note, don’t forget to check out Global Game Jam, which will be happening all over the world (and in particular at Waikato University) very shortly. The idea? 48 hours to create a game based on a predefined theme. I’m not talking super 3d immersive graphics level, just something fun and playable.

    8. December 7, 2008

      Australia: Day 3

      Yesterday was full of driving. Sam rented us a car, he doesn’t drive, and I can clearly see why. Traffic isn’t as chaotic as Seoul, but I keep thinking we’re going to have a crash every 30 odd min. Completely different to traffic back home.

      Now, being the geek I am, before we left I upgraded my Okta Touch to Windows Mobile 6.1, and hence unlocked the GPS. I then proceeded to load it with some software, and a map of Australia. This is probably the best thing I brought on holiday. Unless you’ve had a GPS, you hae no idea just how much stress it alleviates. When Telecom turns off it’s CDMA network or I get an iPhone (whichever comes first), I plan to mount it in my car for those times that I can’t avoid Auckland.

    9. December 6, 2008

      Australia: Day 2

      What, so I didn’t tell anyone I was going to Australia?

      Sorry, between work, sleep and play, I forget to update things on the internets, such as my blog, Facebook etc. Anyway, I’m in Melbourne on holiday from the 5th till the 13th (next Saturday)!

      Myself, Beverley and her family are visiting Beverley’s brother Sam. Beverley’s parents Bill and Louise are attending a conference in Cairns on Tuesday, and so will be leaving for that early. Beverley’s sisters Jenny and Nicky have things on, and so will be joining us Monday.

      Pacific Blue is a really good airline. Sure, you don’t get any of the niceties that Air New Zealand gives you like… … a blanket. It is a nice, cheap flight, and the cabin crew is friendly and energetic. Kinda reminds me of Mile High. The only thing that concerns me was the lack of water handouts. Yes, they offered for you to buy some, but I thought they were required by some air safety something?

      Landed in Melbourne safely, where we encountered new ePassport booths, a “quicker” way of clearing customs. Being the digital natives we are, we had to try them. Insert your passport and answer 4 questions; have you had tuberculosis, are you a criminal, have you been to a place with yellow fever, and have you lied. Afterwards, it prints out a little ticket. You then take this ticket to a gate, look into a camera (facial recognition stuff), and proceed. Now that we know what we’re doing (it took a second to figure out the order of operations), I reckon it’ll be much quicker. One disadvantage though:

      I don’t have an Australian stamp in my passport!

      Upon leaving the airport, the heat struck us. Not as bad as entering Seoul, but still very noticeable. Also, Australians seem to have an interesting sense of art, as the “artworks” along the motorway just seemed to be rectangular pillars arranged in some weird fashion. Except the huge concrete ones on the bridge, which didn’t actually support the bridge…

      Was mostly uninteresting after that. Went to TGI Fridays, went to Borders, went home and slept. More as I encounter it.

    10. September 25, 2008

      Time for some updates

      For those of you out there disappointed at the lack of content lately, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my little site. I’ve just been busy with work (seriously cool stuff which I hope to share soon) and getting the backend working. Now that it is, you’ll start to see some changes around here.

      For example, you can now see my latest Twitter up at the top of the main page. Nifty eh? Next up, I’m almost done my admin interface, so I’ll be able to tell if people are writing comments, and actually respond to them in a reasonable timeframe. You know, like I should have done in the first place, instead of relying on phpMyAdmin.

      Watch this space.