23 July, 2009


So, of the billions of websites that exist and probably contain something more interesting, you happen to come to my little space on the internets and read my little blurb. Would you like a cookie?

This is the collection of random stuff created by an uber-geek that goes by the name of Jed Laundry, as you should have guessed. I live in Hamilton Christchurch New Zealand, and I'm currently a second third fourth year BCMS (Honours) student Graduate from the University of Waikato. And now, I'm engaged married to the wonderful Beverley Rogers Laundry.

In my first year I was part of the Microsoft Imagine Cup team that won the New Zealand SDI final, and went to Seoul to compete in the worldwide finals. In my second year, I was part of another Imagine Cup team, and we came 3rd in the NZ Software Design finals. I'm a former Microsoft Student Partner, so if you're a student and having problems learning Microsoft technologies I'm here to help. Kinda.

When I'm not busy doing studenty things, I work as an Operational Systems Developer at Alcatel-Lucent (on the Telecom New Zealand network) Engineering Services Expert at Enable, and I do part-time photography and web/appication design/development. I am was 1/3 of the World Cyber Games NZ network admin team, and as a result I've seen some of the worst networking failures imaginable. What more can I say? Oh, I can show you how much of a n00b I am:

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